Only 4 posts show in app

  1. When I go into the app and look at posts, only 4 posts come up from over 2 years ago. Nothing else displays. I created a new post or draft post via the app and it saves to my site, but after a few seconds they also disappear from the app. XMLRPC is enabled and I get the following message when I test it out "XML-RPC server accepts POST requests only." I've been trying to debug this on my own for months now and I don't know what the problem is.

  2. You are not the first to have this happen to me too I have had it for quite some time and I am trying to find a way to this solution.
    I came across a site of this iPhone that has a somewhat complicated truth explanation I would suggest you give it a try maybe it will help you

  3. Hi nisso and Hello Commander.
    Believes an update has come out and it will solve the problem because a friend from my work also has it and it's quite annoying to him.
    The first solution he tried was to reset the device but did not contribute to the success.
    I was trying to figure out the site they were trying to post a bit I got entangled in the truth but thanks anyway

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