On iPad 2, in portrait orientation, can't place cursor at the end of a post

  1. I could not reproduce this on my iPhone 5 so I believe this is an iPad isolated bug.

    If I go to a post or page, with the intention of appending something to the very end of a story I usually cannot get the cursor to select the space after the last character (which is usually a punctuation mark).

    To explain further, in order to continue a post which I've already started, I must continue typing before the period or question mark that used to be the final character or punctuation mark in my post. This is fairly distracting to continue writing a story with and having punctuation already there, additionally it would be difficult to delete the last character because of this.

    Since I don't have a way to isolate this error more than: I cannot reproduce this on an iPhone 5, and I cannot reproduce this in landscape orientation, here are the specs of my iPad. iPad 2 wifi iOS 7.0.4. It is jailbroken, I doubt that is the cause but thought I should share that just in case. Wordpress app 4.0.2.

    Thanks WP community, keep up the great work. Hope this bug report helps.

  2. Hi rjentoft.

    When Apple released iOS 7 the text field control was very buggy. They've fixed most of the bugs (that we're aware of) in iOS 7.1. The cursor behavior you're seeing was a known issue that we had a hacky fix for in previous versions of the app. The latest versions of the app are being built for the iOS 7.1 SDK (but you can still run them on early versions of iOS 7, don't worry!) and do not include our hacky little fix for Apple's broken text control.

    I wouldn't think you'd see this bug just because you were still on iOS 7.0.4 but I suppose it could be related. You might try upgrading to iOS 7.1 and see if that fixes it.

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