Offline issues with WP app

  1. I am new to this. I've searched for answers here but can't find them so I'll ask.

    I want to create a travel blog chronicling our journeys with words and pictures.

    While offline, not connected to the internet, on my iPad (or my Android phone) I would like to have the ability to create pages, including pictures, save those pages as drafts, and publish later when we do have a connection.

    I tested this at home by turning off my wifi.

    WordPress does not allow me to save pictures to my pages unless I'm online.

    Is there a remedy?

  2. Hi there!

    Can you check the image settings for your device (and try making those settings smaller)?

    You can do that from:
    My Sites (W logo) > Settings > Adjust width

    Try setting the max width to 640px.

    The images should save in draft mode.

  3. I set it to 600x600 max.

    When offline I try and paste a picture on to the page and get a "no internet" can't "upload"
    While using my iPad I still can't bring pictures over from my Photos local storage to WP.

    I do not understand why I need to be connected to the Internet to draft pages with pictures?

  4. The picture shows blurry with the message on it, "The Internet appears to be offline".

  5. "The Internet connection appears to be offline" is the exact wording.

  6. Very simply... on my iPad why can't I bring a locally stored picture that is on my iPad to a blog post within WP without an Internet connection?

  7. I can save text draft pages while offline but can't add pics.

  8. Hi TSHRED56,

    I'm really sorry to say, but the app currently doesn't support adding images while offline.

    Its something we want to improve in a future version of the app, but for now we can only suggest adding the images when you have an internet connection.

    Sorry we don't have better news for you.

  9. Thank you Eric.
    I wanted to use WP because of its clean interface and simplicity.
    Unfortunately I had to find another blog app and site host that isn't quite the same.

    This seems like a relatively easy fix but we are leaving soon.


  10. I'm having the same question.
    I'm going on a cruise vacation with no internet. I'd like to draft the blog posts with my journey offline. As soon as I get to a place with Internet, all drafted posts can be uploaded.

    TSHRED56 or anyone here can recommend an iPhone app to do offline image drafts?

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