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  1. The number of displaying pages on iphone app depends of "Blog pages show at most" option in Settings->Reading section in my wordpress website, so what ever I put the number there let say 3 I got 3 displaying pages in my iphone app, if I put 2 I got displaying only 2 pages etc etc....

    I think this is huge bug !

    Posts are ok I can view all my posts on iphone app.

    I run Wordprss for iphone Version 1.21
    and Wordpress CMS version 2.7.1

    Is there som ebug tracker for iphone app ????


  2. Hi Misiek, i had the same problem here.

    I fixed it by going to the admin panel wp-admin and then to the SETTINGS>READ.

    Then chage the default numer of 10 to 50 or 100 displaying messages.
    Do the same thing for RSS, click update settings and be happy!

  3. I had this problem too, and changing the "Blog pages show at most" setting in Settings > Reading solved the problem.

    However, it now means that to get all 7 of my pages to display in the WordPress app, I have to display 7 posts per page on the blog which is not ideal; I much prefer to have (at most) 5 as some of them can be quite long.

    It wouldn't be so bad if I could choose which 5 of my pages the app would show, but it I can't; it seems to default to showing the most recently created ones first, even though they are not necessarily the most recently modified ones. It also seems to take no account of whether a page is currently published or not.

    I've worked around the problem by altering the page creation date, so that the ones I want to show in the app are the most recently created ones, but it's not a brilliant solution and I'd much rather see a proper fix from the developers.

  4. Ive set mine to 100 but still the iphone wordpress app doesnt displayed all my pages

  5. I have had this same problem... over 30 pages and only 10 display.

    I was told that WP 2.9 fixes this issue... I have been anxiously awaiting the 2.9 release.

    I upgraded to 2.9... set the options as recommended above to 100 pages. And still no luck.. I only get 10 pages.

    Can someone help me out with this? Is this an issue with the iPhone app or with WP itself?

    Thank you.

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