NSXMLParserErrorDomain error 9.

  1. My blog is hosted on yet my Iphone App denies my access completely and gives out this error message ( Operation could not be completed ( NSXMLParserErrorDomain error 9. ))

    Any ideas

  2. This may be due to an error in your RSS feed. First validate your Fee using a tool like:

    I had the same problem and by fixing my feed, I fix the problem.

    The problem in my feed was invalid caracter that were corrupting the feed.

    I hope it helps

  3. @ciip
    The current version of the WP iPhone app is a bit sensitive when it comes to looking for the RSD link in the HTML source of your blog. Changes have gone into address this so it should work in the next release.

  4. I'm having the same error with one of our older wordpress sites: The wordpress install is fully up to date. When logging in it goes to the comments page fine but as soon as you click on the posts tab the screen darkens and gives that error. I checked the feed validation and there is a few posts with non verifiable characters in the stories, but it has not been a problem on other sites that contain those same 'print layout' specific things in the text. Thoughts?

  5. This error is listed this way in Apple's docs.

    NSXMLParserInvalidCharacterError = 9

    Invalid XML in posts or comments will cause this error. Invalid characters can be caused by custom php - Themes, or plugins... I have also seen (rarely) where a user entered an invalid character in a comment or post...

    I don't know why some blogs are working and this one not, but I'd guess it comes down to some tiny difference that only exists on the blog you're having trouble with...

    Troubleshooting is possible, but AFAIK, the http tool that makes it easy is only available on the Mac... What is your platform, Windows or Mac?

  6. Similar issue for me. When I post or edit I first get an error with "user name or password" then get "error 5." funny thing is that after I click through those errors and refresh the iPhone app, everything has actually posted and saved just fine. I am using a mac and can troubleshoot. Thanks in advance.

  7. For troubleshooting, You'll want to use HTTP Client (google it, it's a free tool that allows you to submit xmlrpc method calls to your xmlrpc endpoint)

    You'll be wanting to try getting all your posts via this tool and then validating the XML in a validator. What I expect will happen is that you'll find some problems with the XML that comes back when you ask for posts.

    I can save you some time by providing some pre-built xmlrpc method calls that HTTP Client can read so you can get right to the troubleshooting...

    If you want to try, ping me at john(at)johnbickerstaff(d0t)com and I'll send you a couple of files...

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