NSXMLParserErrorDomain error 5

  1. I know there are already a ton of these posts, but I wanted to provide some details about what I've done to try to resolve this issue, and to also see if someone can help. I really want to get the iPhone app working with my site (, but I get this error every time:

    NSXMLParserErrorDomain error 5

    I've searched the web for hours applying just about every fix that I've come across (htaccess, xmlrpc.php modifications, made sure necessary links were in the head section of the site, etc...), and nothing has worked. I've also tried disabling all of my plugins and switched to the default theme, which still gave me the same error.

    To spice this up even more I tried one other thing. I took another site on the same server that I had successfully been able to setup with the iPhone app, and pointed it to the database that I've been having issues connecting to. Once I updated the database in the wp-config.php file the site obviously stopped working, but I was actually able to retrieve posts, pages, and comments from with this method. I'm not quite sure what that tells us, but I was definitely shocked that I could manage all of the content in this way.

    I see WordPress 1.3 is showing up in the App Store, but every time I try to download it I get version 1.21. I'm using iPhone OS 3.0 so I'm not sure if that will make a difference, but I've been having these problems for months when trying to use the iPhone app. Our site is on WordPress 2.8.

  2. Version 1.21 is correct and the latest version.

    I get the NSXMLParserErrorDomain error 5 whenever I try to upload a photo from the Wordpress iPhone app at full size. If I enable the resize option I don't get this issue... strange.

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