NSXMLParserErrorDomain Error 111?

  1. Okay, so I have checked for byte order marks in my theme files, there are no plugins currently activated on this site, but I am working on a custom theme for it. I've also looked at the XMLRPC and it seems to be throwing the correct answer via my laptop.

    When I try to add that site to my iOS app on an iPhone 5s, iOS 8, newest version of the app, it throws the NSXMLParserErrorDomain Error 111.

    ...The only clue that it's in the theme is that when I swap to the default theme, it lets me add only won't when I have my custom theme turned on.

    If there's any way someone could point me to what needs to be done to figure out why it's throwing an error on my phone, it'd be brilliant.

  2. Hi Starlyght,

    We've been seeing the parser error pop up whenever the XML-RPC response is truncated due to a byte-order mark or other whitespace being included before the start of the XML response. In some situations, the extra white space / byte-order mark can will case WordPress to reply with an incorrect content-size in the XML-RPC request response headers. The result is that the XML invalid.

    Searching for and removing a byte-order mark and any extra white space preceding opening PHP tags is one way to try to fix the issue.

    FWIW, we've also updated the parser to try to repair a broken or missing closing tag. This change should be included with version 4.7 of the app.

  3. Thing works and I can add it to the app with the default theme activated.

    It's only when I try to use my custom theme that it throws an error.

    I've got a BOM detector and run it on my entire WP installation, including the XML-RPC file, no BOMs. I ran my HTML through a checker, no errors there.

    I really don't know.

  4. You might also check the functions.php file (and perhaps others) in the custom theme and make sure there is no white space preceding the opening php tag. That was the fix for another user as you can see in this thread:

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