None of my local drafts are there!

  1. I've written several posts and just used the default settings and NONE of my posts are showing up in the local draft folder. Makes this app worse than usable. I know it was free but it's wasted a HUGE amount of my time. I'm using a 3Gs with the latest OS and the latest version of the app. WTFF?

  2. This is an issue with the WP XML-RPC APIs. The app will ask for "recent posts". If you drafts are recent then they will be included, but they are older then they aren't included. This is something that we need to get fixed in WordPress so the the WP iPhone app (and other blog clients, they all run into this) can properly request all of the draft posts.

  3. I'm having this same problem with my iPod Touch on version 3.0 of the OS. They are obviously there because I can see the count in ( ) next to the local drafts folder, but opening it gives me an empty screen even if I've just written the post.

    Generally I'm not connected to the internet so local drafts is really my only option - you don't have to have an internet connection to see the local drafts do you? I can try to test that later to see if it makes a difference but it does not seem to be an issue with how recent a post is.

    (Thanks for the app!)

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