No video upload in 4.5 ????

  1. I have been happily using WP for 2 years to chart the life of my first born.

    I've been adding video and images to blog (WP 3.5.1) from my iPhone 5s and my wife from her 4s. We both are on iOS 8.0.2 and wp shows as version 4.5 but since we both updated the app a few weeks ago we have lost the ability to add video to a post from our iPhone.

    My iPad which is on 3.8.6 or something like that has still got the video button available

    Is this normal ? I don't want to have to switch away from WP but need to load video from iPhones like we have been doing....

    Thx in advance

  2. Hi Harters,

    The development team made the tough decision to temporarily remove support for video a few versions ago. We plan to bring it back as soon as we can and I invite you to follow along with our progress here:


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