No photos in post using 2.6.3

  1. Thanks for your work in fixing many of the bugs in the IOS App. It is much more stable and effective. However, in using this new version (2.6.3), I cannot see any photos that I upload to my site.

    When I look at a post such as this one, instead of a photo, it just shows this (regardless of any of the Wordpress themes that I have tried):” alt=”" class=”alignnone size-full” />

    I know that the photo has been uploaded because I can see it using my FTP program.

    Can anyone help me with settings that I should use, or is this some other type of bug? I am running Wordpress 3.0.3 on my website.


  2. From my testing, the App is inserting line breaks into the HTML markup suck the Wordpress can not parse it correctly. I was able to fix a post using the web interface to correct the HTML. Looks like an App bug.

  3. Thanks, You are quite correct. The app is inserting a line break before each of the address links starting with http:// . . . . . If I manually delete these line breaks on my Ipad before publishing, the picture loads correctly on my website.

    Surely, the developers would have tested this before releasing the app?

  4. I can confirm this behavior as well. The generated link on the ios app is adding breaks and other characters corrupting the link

  5. Here is an example of the issue still on my site. I'm leaving the post as is.

  6. I noticed this problem of the same code appearing on posts but no image. When I go into the image library, all uploaded okay, just does not post.

    I noticed for whatever the reason, it's not happening, but something odd.

    I added a photo two a post, tried different posts, different photos and it is showing now a gray box with the x, cannot find the image. Here is why - The post -

    The image source is showing on the blog as -

    Yet the image is in that string but the end -

    Any suggestions?

  7. Thanks foe the link, though if I have to post and then go online I guess I could have just gone online and post. Hopefully a fix to allow mobile posts to be fully mobile .

  8. Astriker, you're completely right. A fix for this should be in the next version of the app, due early next year.


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