No option to “Add Story” in iOS App

  1. What happened to the Create New Story function on the WordPress app? I’m referring to the instructions here:

    I have the WordPress app (iOS), but when I click the “+” in the lower right corner, I don’t have the option to “Add New Story Post” — only blog and page.

    Is this perhaps a settings issue on my WP page? Has the function been removed?

  2. Hello there. How's everything?

    The option should still be there! Can you please let us know what's WP app version are you using?

    Please note that in order to use stories you need to either have a site or a self-hosted site connected to Jetpack.

    If that doesn't help, please share with us your device name, model, and iOS version. Thanks!

  3. Ah! I realized I was not fully logged in to the app. Once logged in a I can now see the option. Thank you and please close this thread!

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