New post lost when switch apps

  1. I was writing a post and my phone rang. When I came back to WP, the post was gone. I hadn't saved it yet. Am I correct that there is only a manual save and no auto save. Re-created this scenario simply by changing apps whilst editing an unsaved post. If this is currently the default then it is going to catch a lot of people out.

  2. Matt (Thomas) Miklic
    Oct 13, 2009, 8:45 PM

    It's hard to answer without knowing which version of the app you're using -- but since you posted in the beta forum, I'm assuming it's one of the three most recent beta versions. There was a bug in one of the beta releases that was keeping autosave from working -- but it should be working in version 1.3 and will definitely be so when 2.0 hits the App Store.

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