New post from iphone using pictures.

  1. Hi all,

    I have setup a little blog to track my holidays. I have the iphone app and this seems to work fine.
    I can upload a new "text only" post without a problem.

    The issue is with pictures. I can't upload a post it it has a picture attached.

    Steps I have taken
    1, On iphone (Blog already configured) Tap write a new post.
    2, Tap in a title and a bit of body.
    3, Tap photo's (at the bottom)
    4, Tap the plus sign.
    5, Choose from library (although this makes no difference)
    6, Select Camera Roll
    7, Select the photo.
    8, Tap save. (which makes it a local draft) I like to save before I try to upload.
    9. Change status from Local Draft to Published.
    10, Tap save.
    11, After a few seconds the screen dims and the box pops up.
    The error message is "Communication Error" "Bad user name or password"
    12, Tap ok
    A new error pops up (I think this briefly flashes up prior to the last one actually)
    The error message is "Communtication Error" "500 Internal Server Error"

    Things I have checked.
    1, I can post a text only post.
    2, I can change a text only post from local draft to published.
    3, I have tested this on both GPRS and 3G networks. Not WiFi as yet.
    4, On the server the files are in the uploads folder which has perms of 777 ie universal access.
    5, I have the latest version of the iPhone app. I just checked on the iphone app store app.
    6, I am using WP 3.0

    Thanks in advance for your help.

  2. Forgot to mention I have rebooted the iPhone too.

  3. If anyone else seems to be having the same problem I have a solution.

    I switched to Posterous. I can email pics straight from my iPhone. This doesn't work in Wordpress either. I can email but no pictures.
    There is also a posterous app which lets you create an album and post that.

    I hope to be able to return to WP in the future as I do like it.

  4. I have the same problem. Have a half way solution.

    1. Installed the plugin NextGen
    2. Created a gallery with a subfolder called iPhone with permission 777
    3. In Wordpress, settings, media I changed the path for uploading files to the new gallery (folder-iphone)
    4. Now I can upload the photo from my iPhone

    BUT it's not showing in my post. If I click on the question mark icon I get an 404-error.

    To clarify. I installed the NextGen because I couldn't get the Media uploader to work in the Wordpress admin panel..Uploading photos via admin panel works fine for now via NextGen.

    Perhaps, with the above steps you might find a new solution. I'll keep on testing...

  5. Did a new test. I have another blog , on the same hosting provider witch is NOT upgraded to WP 3.0. I installed the lilius blog on my iPhone app (io4) and it works like charm. I can upload photos directly from my iPhone and the media library on the admin panel also works like before. My guess is that there is issue with the new WP-version 3.0.

    A minor issue is that the uploaded iPhone photos on is way to big. This I guess can have a lot of reasons but even so, I can upload.

    I suggest you try to revert your WP-upgrade. I don't know how to at the moment but I'll try to find out :-)

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