Never finishes uploading image

  1. I'm trying to upload a blog with photos from my iPad.

    I upload a photo and embedded a YouTube video in a blog post from my iPad with no problems.

    I then tried to write another post with some photos. After the first five photos I was unable to upload any more photos. I tried to save a new "local draft" in case the problem was with the post and I then lost the first "local draft" with the five photos. However even in a new post I cannot upload an image.

    The skinny bar under "Uploading image..." changes color and then sticks at completely white. If I save to get out of the problem, I get the message "Cancelled" where the "Uploading image..." was. I can see the image and when I try out my computer (instead of my iPad), I can see that the images have actually uploaded.

    Any help?

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