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  1. the last time i was able to post to my self-hosted wp-blog ( was the 21st of july. since then i can't do anything with my posts using the app. i can read my pages, the comments to my posts and my statistics. but nog my posts. can't send photo's either - and that is what i really need the wp-app on my ipad for, because browsers won't let you upload in the apple ios.
    'couldn't sync posts / network connection aborted' (in dutch: de netwerkverbinding is verbroken) is the message i get when i try to read my posts.
    i tried all suggestions in this forum for similar problems, but nothing works.
    as far as i know nothing has changed to my website. nor were there changes on server-side, according to my provider.
    and xml-rpc is on.
    what's the matter? can anyone offer any help?


  2. Hi,

    Im experiencing exactly the same thing. Since the 3.0 update I can't use the wordpress app on my Iphone. I can post new posts without any attachments but I can't sync my messages or add any video or photos.
    I have reinstalled the entire blogg without any addons etc. I have fixed the xml-rpc and my provider have 128Mb memory for PHPmem.
    I have checked my blogg site for the xml-rpc and it says its fine.
    My adress:
    Need help with this!

  3. Yes!

    I fixed it with the renaming addon for XML-RPC.
    Follow this:

  4. i gave it up and want for something completely different. the only thing i need the for, is transferring photos from my ipad to the media library of my self-hosted wordpress website. editing text and captions i prefer to do in any browser i use on my ipad.
    for $ 1,99 i bought the iCabMobile app in the appstore. in this browser it's possible to upload files to your wordpress media library.
    install the iCabMobile app,
    go to the settings
    choose 'browser id'
    choose a browser id from the list (i for instance went for the option 'safari 5 mac')
    click 'done'
    change - if necessary - from the new drag & drop uploader to the older version (browser uploader)
    now the 'select file' option is active and ready to go.
    and for the two dollar-minus-one-cent you have a very nice browser too.

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