Need image size control(s)

  1. There appears to be no coordination between blow image settings and Wordpress for iOS.

    My blog settings define sizes for thumbnail, small, medium, and large (as well as supporting full size).

    The Wordpress for iOS app ignores these settings and uploads images based on an in-app setting which sets the extents to a square (incrementing in 100px only). There is no way to specify that an image should be no more that 640px wide, 768px wide.

    Finer grain control is also not supported - such as the ability to display a medium sized image in the post which links to the full sized image.

  2. Hi @humptybump

    Its true, the media features and capabilities available via the app area bit different from what is available on the web. We're working to improve them but I can't offer a specific time line as to when specific improveents will be available.

    I wish I had better news for you, but thanks for sharing your thoughts just the same. We appreciate it.

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