My website won't load properly on an ipad.

  1. Hi,
    I'm having real trouble with my site when trying to load it on the ipad. There should be a large full screen title photo on each page (it works fine on my laptop...although takes a while to load the photos) but it doesn't appear at all when I try to load it on the ipad, instead there is just a white background. If anyone could help me with this then I'd be very grateful as I'm worried it will affect my traffic.
    Thanks in advance!
    My site is

  2. Hi @dotrogers

    This forum is for the WordPress for iOS native app and we're probably not the best folks to ask about issues regarding a site or a theme.

    Have you checked with the folks over at or tried contacting the theme developer ?

  3. ha har! oops sorry, didnt realise that I was in the wrong place! I'll go try both. Thanks muchly! D

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