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  1. NatalieIsARanga
    Jan 4, 2014, 11:21 PM

    Hello fellow wordpress uses.
    I am just starting up my wordpress for a online way to show my photographs to family that is not near me.

    Anyway, I have a few pages (Home, About, Photographs, Contact) and under the "photographs" page. I would like to have different folders or sub heading that lead to a page (that is not shown of the main) so they can see that group of photographs
    EG) Black and White

    Just so I don't have all my photos in one place and in no order. makes it look messy.
    So how would I go about doing this?

    also if you want to check out what I have done, feel free to have a look at
    (I am getting a full url soon)

    Nat :)

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