My Host Blocks XML-RPC Access!

  1. If your host blocks access to XML-RPC, you can get around it by following these steps:

    1. Rename your xmlrpc.php file to something different, but only change it after the 'xmlrpc'. Ex: xmlrpc_wp.php
    2. Install this plugin
    3. Read the installation instructions and activate it.
    4. Remove your blog from the app and add it back again.
  2. Mirror just in case I break it (it's on a test blog):

  3. It's on the plugin directory now:

  4. Does this also work for the HTML < and > signs getting stripped? I am having this problem when trying to upload pics from the app and ive read previous posts stating its a libxml2 issue and a php version issue. However my provider isnt planning to upgrade their php version anytime soon and im stuck with them for another year!!

    Any ideas?

  5. @Charnondall -- You should try this plugin

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