Multiple pic upload on iPad (2.6.2) doesn't work?

  1. Hey, any help/suggestions are most appreciated.
    Been using wordpress on my iPad while traveling since first version. Don't have a laptop with me.
    The first version worked: It allowed me to write a blog, upload 5-8 pictures and then publish in one step.
    With all the "user name/communication" errors, I've made sure to upgrade to 2.6.2, and can finally access my blog again.....most of the time.

    Now however, i can't seem to upload more than one picture at a time, it craps out, or displays the wrong picture (doubles up previous pictures even though the pic # are different).

    What exactly should i be doing to
    -write a post
    -fill that post with pics and maybe a small vid clip saved on my iPad

    How media is displayed, and what is attached to each post, isn't intuitive to me anymore....

    Is anyone having this problem as well, or know a workaround? Thanks!!!!

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