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  1. I recently installed the iOS app on my iPad Pro. Went to use it and found there are dozens of sites under My Sites, I only have about five. It seems many of the sites are listed multiple times.

    What’s going on here? How did it happen and how do I fix it?

  2. Hi There! Thanks for reaching out!

    This is a known bug affecting iOS devices that we patched a few versions ago.

    If you update to the latest version of the app available in Apple's App Store, everything should work as intended.

  3. I’m running the November 2 version of the app.

  4. If you completely remove the app by uninstalling per Apple's instructions: then download the latest version of the WordPress mobile app from the App Store, the problem should not exist.

    Give those actions a try. As always, we will be here if you have any more questions or require further troubleshooting.

  5. Thanks. This massively reduced the number, although there are still a couple of duplicates. It's far more manageable than it was.

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