Multilite does not work

  1. I set up a selfhosted multisite with 4 sites.
    When i want to add it to the ios app i can not add it.
    I add my login date and at the next step i can choose wich blog i want to add.
    If i choose only one blog i get redirected to settings page but the blog was not added.

    If i choose more them one blog then the app crashes.

  2. That sounds like a pretty bad bug :(
    What version of WordPress are you using for your sites?
    Does the problem still occur if you disable plugins on your multisite blog? Some plugins are known to cause conflicts, and it would be good to rule that out as a cause.

  3. The multisite is running with 3.8.1
    I disabled all plugins but the bug is still there.

  4. I'd like to try to troubleshoot this directly. Would you be willing to set up a user with an editor role I could use and test with? If so, you can email credentials to mobile at automattic dot com and reference this thread.

  5. Thanks! Following up via email. I'll post a summary here if/when we get to the bottom of the issue.

  6. Following up to this thread. After a little troubleshooting we determined an error with CoreData was the likely cause of the problem. Deleting and reinstalling was the fix.

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