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  1. Hello my wordpress expound theme used to display fine on my iPhone 5 IOS 8 (latest)
    now it seems off centre, i have tried to enable and disable mobile in the dashboard settings but no luck, it used to display fine, i'm not sure what i did different, unless it is an IOS 8 issue and not the wordpress expound theme, thanks Allen

  2. Hi Allen

    This forum is geared toward questions about the native WordPress for iOS app. I'm not sure how helpful we can be with theme related questions. You might pop over to and post there.

    Having said that, when I looked at your site on my iPad everything looked fine to me. Then again, I'm not too familiar with that theme so maybe I just wouldn't notice if something was amiss.

  3. Hi Eric, thank you, actually i was referred here from there,maybe its just my iPhone, if its looking ok to you that's great, i never had a chance to check it on anyone else's Iphone so maybe its fine, thanks again Eric, Allen

  4. rockthesuburbs
    Dec 8, 2014, 8:30 PM


    I am using the seller theme which is great apart from how my shop looks on iphone and iPad.

    On my desktop the product images look fine but if you view on a phone or iPad it turns the featured image on its side and squashes it up.

    Here is an example

    Please help as it looks really bad!

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