Mobile Pic Upload Size is Killing Me

  1. Using my iPhone and iPad together for updating my self-hosted wordpress blog is the way I keep my sanity. The problem comes when I use the iphone to upload a photo I took on the go. The size is enormous. When I try to use the iPad to edit the size it is too difficult. The result... Apathy. I know that writing apathy is not the fault of wordpress app, but I need help.

    Does anyone have a fix for uploading pics that fit into my blog while on the go?

  2. You can upload smaller images by enabling the 'Image Resize' settings.
    Could you please follow the steps below:
    1) Tap the 'Settings' icon.
    2) Scroll the list and tap on the 'WordPress' icon.
    3) Select the image resize option that best fits your blog's needs.

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