Missing navigation panel on WP 5.2 iOS app

  1. Since WP 5.2 appeared a few days ago, I have lost the navigation panel on my /wp-admin page on the version for iOS. I'm running iOS 12.2, the latest. The usual "hamburger" icon to access navigation is missing at the top left. (See screen shot here)

    My website is

  2. Hi Mickey Bo,

    We've had a few reports of it, and were able to track down the issue. When you go to My Site > WP Admin in the WordPress app, you're taken to /wp-admin in a web browser, as this isn't part of the app. The navigation panel there is a Jetpack feature and was broken, but has been fixed up.
    There's now a hotfix out for Jetpack which fixes this:

    Updating Jetpack on should fix this, but do let us know if you have more trouble with it.

  3. Thanks, Alecia.

    Now, how do I update Jetpack on my iPhone? I've downloaded the update to my computer desk top from the github link you provided, but what do I do with it? Should I upload it to a subfolder within the WordPress folder in my domain folder at my web host?

    Please advise.

  4. I finally see the Jetpack update on my mobile phone. All is well again. The hamburger is back. Yum.

  5. Great! Glad to hear you were able to update. :)

  6. Actually, it happened automatically, apparently because I have a account, but it took several days from the time the the update was introduced. That delay was surprising, but no matter. It's done.

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