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  1. Slowly, The Wordpress App for iOS(v. 5.9.1) moves closer to working stand alone. Here are three shortcomings I noticed today.

    <!--more-->. tag. Please add a more tag button to the visual editor buttons. Sure, I can drop in html and add it there, which leads to the next problem. if I add a more tag in html and come back to the visual editor, there no indicator of where i placed more line. This different from the web editor.

    Can a search field be added to the media library? Here's why. I have over 200 images. The first images I added to my libraries feature images. The feature imagined are sized to work with my theme. So, without an search, I have scroll every time to the bottom of my image to use one of my feature images.

    When using the web interface, I have all of feature images tagged with the word "pano". So, I stick "pano" in the search field and it brings up my feature images.

    previewing a post with images is horrendous. Left and right aligned images, and the accompanying text look nothing like they do if that page where to view in a web browser.

    to recap:
    -a more tag button in the visual editor.
    -a visual indicator in the visual editor if a more tag is placed in the html.
    -a search field in the media library to expedite finding tagged images.
    -greatly improve the page preview

  2. Hi @itechieguy

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. We agree. There are many things we'd like to improve with the editor and post/page previews.

    If you're ever curious you see what we're working on by looking at the editor's project, and the main app's project on github.


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