Mac desktop app crashes my site

  1. Every time I want to write a new post, the app warns me that it can't save the draft and I immediately check my website and it's down, does anyone know why?

  2. Hi there!

    If the site is down, the app won't be able to upload any content to it. Does this only happen when you post a new post through the app or is this a regular occurrence at other times as well?

    There are many reasons why a site could go down, it's hard to troubleshoot exactly without knowing the site address or the error received on the site.

    If you would like to provide these details, I'm happy to take a look.

    Just keep in mind though that your hosting provider may be in a better position to look into this since they are the ones that have access to your server logs. I would recommend also getting in touch with them to get a better idea of what is causing this.

    Thank you!

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