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  1. So, I'm using the latest version (just downloaded it a few days ago) and I am experiencing a strange error. Whenever I try to edit a long post either (a) nothing shows as the post body when it is the first post I try to edit after opening the app, or (b) show as the post body the last opened short post. There is thus no way I am able to write/edit a longer post.

  2. Are you using the "more" tag inside the post? We've found a bug related to that. It'll be gone in the next release, but let me know in case it's a different bug.


  3. Yes, I am... good to hear that it's just a bug, which hopefully gets fixed. For the rest, this app is great and integrates nicely with the rest of the iPhone menus.

  4. Thanks for the response! Yes, the more tag will cause the text to NOT be shown although it's still there in the app, but not accessible. It's fixed already and just waiting a few more features before we roll out the next release.

  5. Any ballpark on when the next release will be?

  6. Should have been right now, but we had a little bug... Next few days or week I hope.

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