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  1. Now I keep getting an error saying bad login/pass... I KNOW I AM PUTTING IN THE RIGHT LOGON AND PASSWORD... SWEAR TO GOD, DOESN’T ANYTHING JUST WORK.

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    when i start up the app on my phone, it says blond37&#039's Weblog

    whats up with this? it shouldnt say that...

  2. Hi Ted -

    Not sure what's happening here...

    Let's begin at the beginning - if you haven't already - try uninstall and reinstall of the app.

    Then - if that doesn't help, let me know if you're self-hosted or on

    Also try logging out and back into your blog from a browser (not iPhone) just to validate your password...

    What's the URL of your blog?

    Are you willing to give me temporary admin access?


    I'm working on the iPhone app for Automattic.

    Please see the above link for more info about who I am and why I'm offering help via temporary access to your blog. No requirement of course. If blogs are not self-hosted then setting up a test blog on is an easy solution too.

  4. Yes The iphones are touchy phones Like jb6262 said try uninstalling and reinstalling the app That will work 75% of the time

  5. I uninstalled and reinstalled, still nothing. Can anyone help?? I tried my password on wordpress and few times, I watched when I typed the password in on my phone, everything is spelled right.


  6. Let's try this...

    Set up a new site (I assume we aren't dealing with a self-hosted situation).

    Make some silly nonsense name for it and don't put anything personal on it. Try to connect to that. Then post back here and also drop me a line at john(at)johnbickerstaff(dot)com with your results...

    If you still have the problem, I'll ask you to give me at least editor-level access to it so that I can make the attempt to connect from my iPhone application instance and see what happens...


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