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  1. Hello,

    A while ago I used wordpress to update my blog during my travels. As I was out of the country and 3G roaming is pretty expensive, I mostly didn't have internet connection. But I wrote my posts "offline" on trains or so, and I was able to choose "Local draft" as a type. Later in a hotel I was able to change the post just to published and it started uploading.

    Now I've updated my Wordpress for IOS version to a newer version (2.8) and I can't find this "Local Draft" function anymore. Does anybody where I can find it, do I need to enable or do to something for it? Or is this function removed (and if so, why, because it was very useful).


  2. Click on the cog wheel at the bottom of the post in the first option choose draft it's not local butcwill Dave locally until you have internet where it will be added to the site but not public

    So bottom left of post choose the cogged wheel first box choose draft

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