Local drafts disappearing when published

  1. Hey, it seems like there is still a pretty bad bug in this app, this long tread outlines lots of problems and it seems no one has isolated what is going on here?

    I just experienced this several times -- very repeatable. A few observations:

    - I create a post with 12 pictures. I save it as "local draft" everything ok so far
    - I go to publish it, it takes forever to publish (I'm on a slow connection)
    - My iphone goes to sleep after a couple of minutes
    - I go back into WP app on the phone and my post is gone, disappeared, no where to be found. Not on the phone and not on the server.

    Very annoying indeed. I've tried setting my iPhone sleep timer sleep longer maybe this is what the problem is. Either way, we've got to get some better data protection here -- it's really very frustrating to use and makes the app almost unusable. It's a show-stopper. :(

    I'm on a brand new iPhone 4 with iOS 4.0.2 .

    All I can say is that it looks like there is some unfinished communication or communication error and when this happens the post is toast.

  2. Whoever is the developer working on this I suggest you try 1) a slow connection, or 2) a bad connection. By "bad" connection I mean take you iphone onto a Wifi network that doesn't actually work -- like starbucks but without logging into the AT&T web interface. Your iphone will think it is online, but it won't be able to get through to any servers.

    Short of that try slow connections to, and set your iphone to sleep after 1 minute.

  3. Hey there Jason. Thanks so much for the feedback, and I'm sorry to hear you've lost data.

    I've actually been working furiously for the past month to revamp the behind-the-scenes code that handles locally stored data on the app. It's been completely rewritten, and we're now using Apple's Core Data technology to store things in a local database.

    In the upcoming new version, which I hope to submit today or tomorrow, Local Drafts are stored using Core Data. When you publish a post and/or convert it into an "online" post from a Local Draft, we're now doing some triple checking before we actually delete the post locally. We actually go so far as to do a "get page" call after the post is published and check to ensure the new post ID matches up with the response we got from the server when the post was published. If they don't match, the Local Draft copy stays.

    As for your suggestion about trying the app out in non-ideal conditions, I've done just that. I've been testing/developing from many, many places. One of my favorite spots is a cafe that gets one bar of 3G reception. I also added some random crashes into the app to test how the data handled a complete and total crash. It did fine. :)

    Give us a few days to get 2.6 from our hands into yours, and then let me know if you find the new version to be more to your liking.

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