List of my Complaints / Problems about 4.8.1

  1. I'm finished with using 4.8.1, for now.

    Here are my complaints (PITA = Pain In The A$$):

    1. Sticky posts do not show up (yes, I know this is being addressed).
    2. HTML mode: I click in title bar, type a character, then the cursor goes all the way to the end of the title bar. PITA
    3. HTML mode: when I switch from Visual editing to HTML, and tap in the post composing box, automatically the cursor goes all the way to the bottom. of the box. PITA, especially for long posts.
    4. HTML & Visual mode: There needs to be more lines of textt in the box. There are only 10 lines.15 (at least in v. 4.5)
    5. VISUAL mode: when I switch back from HTML to Visual mode, all of the line breaks and spacing all appears to be removed, and appears as one big long paragraph. HOWEVER, when switch back to HTML, line breaks are there. I'd rather have the visual mode at least show the line breaks correctly.

    I think this is all.

    I've found dealing with all these issues in 4.8.1 just too much for me. I've re-installed v 4.5 on my iPhone (yes, I save every version of every app, in case something like this happens). It's just too difficult to work smoothly with 4.8.1, for me, at least.

    When these issues are fixed, I may try the updated version. For now, I'll stick to 4.5.

  2. kauilapele_ios
    Mar 12, 2015, 8:50 PM

    I add one more note:
    6. HTML mode: uses a monospace font (like Courier). I'd prefer a font like Verdana or something like that. Not a monospace.

    Thank you for everything.

  3. Howdy @kauilapele_ios,

    Let's see what I can do to help.

    For #2, I'm not able to reproduce that, can you tell me more about what you're doing? Is this a new Post or an existing Post? When you say title bar, you mean the very top text area, right?

    For #3, when I switch from Visual to HTML, my cursor does not behave in this way - tapping in the text takes it to the location of the tap.

    Could you tell me what device you're using where you're seeing #2 and #3 work this way?

    #4: What sort of solution to this would be acceptable? Smaller test? A different scrolling mechanism?

    #5: This is a bug that we are tracking and a solution is in the works.

    #6: The monospace font in the HTML editor is intentional, as a visual reminder to the author as to which Editor they're in.

  4. kauilapele_ios
    Mar 14, 2015, 3:34 AM

    Thank you essayoh...

    First, I have iPhone 5, system ios 8.1. Here are answers to your questions.

    2. Existing post. Top text area (which ends up as the "Title"). Happened all the time I tried to change the title text, each letter I typed, immediately the cursor shot to the very end of title bar.

    3. All I can say is, it happened almost every time I tried thhis with an existing post. I could tap in VISUAL mode and type okay, but when I switched to HTML mode (usually I just did this at the very start), the cursor ended up at the end of the text box.

    4. For my use, I liked what was in version 4.5, which had 15 lines of text visible. The font was a bit smaller in that version, and was a non-monospace font..

    5. Sounds good.

    6. The monospace font takes up too much space. A non-monospace allows more characters visible in the text box. How about just choosing a non-monospace font that's different from that used in VISUAL mode.

    Thanks for your efforts.

  5. kauilapele_ios
    Mar 23, 2015, 2:01 AM

    Just a note, I tried version 4.9.

    1. No longer an issue (but that was also the case with 4.5). Very good.
    2. Didn't check this.
    3. Still occurring. Cursor goes to bottom of HTML text box when I tap in it.
    4. Text still larger than I like; too few lines visible for my likings
    5. Didn't check this.
    6. Still mono-space in HTML.

    I like the colors in the Stats, and can easily see # visitors, but only 5 days are shown. I would prefer at least 7 days.
    Same with weeks, months.

  6. kauilapele_ios
    Mar 23, 2015, 2:01 AM

    Keep up trying to improve things. For the time being, I'm sticking with v. 4.5.

  7. When I type a new post in Visual mode, only one letter appears per line. Any advice about how to correct this?

    I am using the latest version of Wordpress. I work on MacAir, in Safari.

    I have tried disabling all Plugins. This has not solved the problem.

    The TEXT/HTML box works correctly.

    With my thanks,

  8. Hi Peter,

    Just to double check, is this happening in the WordPress for iOS app, or is this happening in a web browser?

  9. I'm also sticking with v. 4.5.

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