1. Greetings,
    First of all let me congratulate you guys for this great iphone app.

    Since the last update I'm having some problems with the upload function of the app.
    I take some images every day and I used to upload them via wordpress app directly from my iPhone, but since the last update the images apear all strange in size, so they are not assuming the size that I want.

    i think the main reason is because i use lightbox plugin, and in the previous version it worked just fine putting the appropriate code before the image src. and giving the image the correct css class, but on this version is not working, any clue of what could be?

    Thank you for your attention and keep up the good work.

    Best Regards


  2. This is awesome to see that you have put up.

    I have also some thig hope u will like.

    A smartphone from Apple that integrates cellphone, iPod, camera, text messaging, e-mail and Web browsing. Data and applications can be sent to the phone wireless or via Apple's iTunes software, which is used to organize music, videos, photos and best quotes,applications (see iTunes).

  3. Have the same problem. Using Shadowbox....

    ...and before I updated the app Wodpress uploaded images as a link as it just upload the image without any options to link the image.

  4. Apparently will be solved in the new version, look at the Issues topic in the front page of the app. :)

  5. hi

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