Latest Version Stripping Off EXIF?

  1. I have noticed that the latest WP for iOS is stripping off EXIF data when the Original photo is selected to add to a post. Photos upload to say Flickr with other iPhone apps retain the original EXIF data. For starters all location data appears to be stripped off photo upload with the Wordpress iOS plugin.

  2. EXIF data will be reintroduced in the app version (2.8.3) that is near to be released.

  3. Thanks for the response Dailo. This is a big deal for me since I post and read location from uploaded iPhone photos on my blog. I am pretty much stuck until it is implemented back into the next version. Looking forward to the next release.

    Thanks for allt he hard work.

  4. Heading out on vacation at the end of July. Really hoping that EXIF is added back in before then. Do you have an ETA on next version?


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