latest 2.6 wordpress for iOS crashes like a drunk kitten driving a truck on iPad

  1. wtf?!! since installing this latest 2.6 version on my iPad w/ the current, latest iOS 3.2.2 (7B500), every single time I launch this app? crash, crash, crash, crashy c. mccrasherson (the “c.” standing for, “crash”). i have tried restarting the iPad and everything — with a perfectly good wifi connection that works for the safari browser and everything else (it's what i'm using to file this forum post/bug report), it just crashes like the hindenburg. o the humanity! this is totally unusable and costing me productivity time on blogs i need to be working on from the road! gar! 

  2. Hey there Faddah. Sorry to hear you're having problems with the app. Have you tried deleting and reinstalling the app? Some users have reported this method resolves the issues you're describing.

  3. chris,

    i will give it a try, and i appreciate someone here finally getting back to us. but as you can read yourself in other threads recounting this very issue, there are others who have tried the unintstall/reinstall of the app, all to no avail. i will try it, but i wonder if this is just so much “busy work” to send me out on, to no avail, as the 2.6.1 release is being approved by Apple.

    also — as i posted elsewhere, Chris, people started reporting this the day it was released, september 30th & it's now october 12th. i reported my error with the iPad & iOS 3.2.2 on october 6th. this is the first official word we've heard on this. was there nothing that could be said before this in the forums from wordpress, automatic, or the general moderators here? in all that time, no word is given, not even a, “we hear you and are working on it!” for 13 days. is anyone paying attention here?

    also, what platforms/iOS versions was this tested on prior to release? the app store details on the app say it was iOS 4.0 tested, compatible with iOS 3.1.2 (ha!) or later, and for the iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad. yet anyone firing this app up for the first time on an iPad with iOS 3.2.2 or an iPhone with less than 3.2.x iOS software would have surely seen this crash. this begs the question, what kind of testing is being done to make sure these apps are ready for primetime before release?

  4. As I said in the other thread, we published a post about the issues on October 2:
    Version 2.6 Issues

    We have a team of 50+ beta testers that test on a variety of devices including iPads. Version 2.6 was tested heavily both internally and with this team. With all of the issues that came about from 2.6 we've realized we need to expand that number to be sure we include a large enough sample of devices and iOS combinations.

  5. and as i said in that thread, that link would have been nice to see to refer us to in these threads on october 2nd. a lot of us are not well-versed to go scouring all over the wordpress-verse to find the one nugget of information that tells us what is going on. the apple app store entry for your wordpress app directs us to report problems here, not search the ios-wordpress blog first (which i didn't know existed until you posted that link here). i searched this forum and did a general google search on the error (which usually pulls up some wordpress info related to the error toward the top). nothing came up. the secret is not to to post a link after the fact, as if to say, “oh, you should have known.” the secret is to be pro-active in linking back where to find this info to your user base.

  6. Faddah, that's a great point. Moving forward, I'll make sure to post links to new blog posts and relevant issues here in the forum as well as our other channels.

    Honestly, between coding the 2.6.1 update and working on various tickets related to 2.6, I've neglected the forum. I'll be sure to do a better job with that in the future.

  7. What amazes me is that 2.6 is still in the App Store causing issues for iPhone 3G users like myself. As soon as the buggy nature of the release was discovered it should have been pulled. I've been off line for a few days now and it is frustrating. I'll certainly be very wary of ever "upgrading" again, not because of the time to fix 2.6, but because it was left up when it was well known that it has serious issues. Bad performance WP.

  8. Cstandley, unfortunately we don't have the option of pulling an update and reverting to a previous version. All we could do was submit a new version. This is the nature of the App Store.

  9. i'm a big enough man to admit when i was wrong, too — the uninstall all previous versions in iTunes/Finder and re-install wp 2.6 for iOS did it. now works fine. thank you for the tip.

    i appreciate and acknowledge the amount of work you're doing in coding, documenting, updating the blog & handling these forums, particularly on a free app that is part of an open source project.. i'm glad we can see eye-to-eye about conveying communication here. yes, let's move forward. i eagerly await the update through apple's pipeline.

    also, if it helps, maybe wordpress/automatic or whoever is running this blog/forums might ok you to ask folk to be forum co-moderators or forum monitors for you. folks who could take some of the workload & just e-mail you and let you know when there are hot-button topics no one is answering that need attention, when they don't know the answer. people just to say, we'll kick this up to the developer & wordpress, so folks know they're being listened to. i'll stick my hand up & volunteer, but anyone you or wordpress trusts in this matter would do. just my suggestion.

    now going back to hitting “refresh” in the iTunes app store on the wordpress page until it says “2.6.1.” refresh... refresh... refresh... (not too much OCD here...)

  10. I, along with Faddah, would like to volunteer to help with the communication (or even beta testing) of this app. I would love to support Wordpress where I can, and think that I have the ability to do so. Actually, I'm sure a lot of us can help with this. Unlike, Faddah, however, I think that I can refrain from hitting refresh every second. I'm more of an "Every-Five-Seconds Person". (refresh..........refresh.........refresh........)

  11. Version 2.6.1 has been approved and is Ready For Sale in the App Store. It should begin showing up as an update soon.

  12. Hi everyone --

    If you are still having issues after upgrade to 2.6.1, please start new threads and include:
    - Steps to reproduce the bug or problem
    - If you are running your site on or self-hosted WordPress ( and which version )
    - if self-hosted WP, which hosting provider
    - The URL to your site

    And if you are a developer, download the SDK and help us test the code before we push it to Apple:


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