Keyboard does not pop up when I try to enter text into the main text box

  1. Hi there,
    I've just got the new iPhone 3GS, and have a self-hosted WordPress blog.
    I've downloaded and installed the latest version of the application - 1.3.
    My version of Wordpress is 2.8.1

    The application is great except for one pretty major thing - i am unable to edit the main text box (where you type your post) so cannot use it to post!

    When I'm on the 'Edit Post' page, when i click in the 'excerpt' box, or 'send trackbacks to' box and so on, the box flashes grey, the keyboard pops up and i can enter text.

    I seem unable to click within the main writing box though - I can't get the keyboard to appear.

    Any ideas what might be wrong? Is this application okay for the iPhone 3GS?

  2. Sorry - i was being dim. I was still going into Wordpress through Safari instead of through WordPress for iPhone - i didn't know applications are in a separate area on my phone. Problem solved!

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