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  1. I have a couple issues with posting images into a post. Lately, every time I touch the image icon, then the + icon to add a picture, the program crashes. Most of the time I can reopen the app and attatch the photo successfully, but some times I have to try a number of times.

    I'm also a little frustrated with the fact that all attached photos end up at the end of the post. I use a lot of images on my blog and I'd like to have more control over where they appear in a post (if only at the beginning rather than the end). For now, in order to place the picture in the middle or beginning or in multiple places of a post I have do it from the website. Are there any planned improvements in this area?

  2. kaufmanndanielle
    Jun 3, 2010, 5:26 AM

    I also have an issue in some images, It can't be loaded or seen. I mean, I can load the photo but I can't see anything. Is it because of the size or incompatibility issues.

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