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  1. I have a self-hosted Ubuntu site where I redirect all requests to https and use a self-signed certificate. I have also enabled basic auth and require a username and password. My site works as expected via a browser.

    If I attempt the "View Site" button from the app, I get a certificate error and no chance to accept it. The browser opens and is blank. However, when I open the app I'm able to accept the certificate and connect to the admin page.

    If I try to upload a photo to a post with basic auth turned on, it does upload to the media library but isn't inserted into the post. Likewise, existing posts don't show the photos. If I turn basic auth off, both the upload and view works.

    Any hope here or a better way to go? I think I read that there is a plugin that will require authentication to access a blog. Anyone know if that can use an existing htpasswd file that controls access to the rest of the site? I'd like to require ssl to prevent plain text user/pw details exchange.

    Thanks for any guidance for a wordpress noob!

  2. Hi mgoff5000,

    It should be possible to use the app with a self-signed certificate, and with basic authentication enabled, assuming everything is configured correctly server-side. However, server-side configuration isn't really our expertise so there's not a lot of support that we can offer there.

    The app does perform some error logging that might be more informative than what's displayed in the UI. If you think it might be helpful, you can go to the Me tab, choose the Help & Support option, and enable Extra Debug. When enabled the app will log some additional information to the activity logs located at Me > Help & Support > Activity Logs. If you share the log here I'd be happy to help look for clues regarding any cert or auth related errors.


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