Issues Uploading Photos with Wordpress iOS 3.8.3 to Wordpress Self-Hosted 3.7.1

  1. All,

    With the recent update to iOS 7.0.3 on our iPads ( V2. V3 ), we have seen new problems uploading photos to our wordpress blogs. Specifically, if we try to upload any picture larger than "Medium", uses get the following error:

    Upload failed
    parse error. not well formed

    We didn't have these problems with iOS 6.x. I have replicated this on a few sites. It seems like new behaviour with the iOS 7 updates.

    Took a picture with the iPad ( original 720x960 ), vertically oriented.

    Small images work ( resized to 113 x 150 )
    Medium images work ( resized to 255 x 300 )
    Custom image works ( 500x500 -> resized to 375 x 500 )
    Custom image works ( 600x600 -> resized to 450 x 600 )
    Custom image works ( 650x650 -> resized to 488 x 650 )
    Custom image works ( 675x675 -> resized to 506 x 675 )
    Custom image works ( 680x680 -> resized to 510 x 680 )
    Custom image works ( 685x685 -> resized to 513 x 685 )
    Custom image works ( 689x689 -> resized to 517 x 689 )
    Custom image fails ( 690x690 )
    Custom image fails ( 700x700 )
    Original image fails ( 720x960 )

    I followed the directions from This didn't point out anything obvious to me from the wordpress.log.

    I activated apache debug error logs, no hints.

    Enabled debug logs in wordpress and restarted apache server. No joy => No debug.log in wp-content!

    We host on a linode server running Debian 7.2, Apache 2.2.22-13, MySQL 5.5.31+dfsg-0+wheezy1, PHP 5.4.4-14+deb7u5.

    Ensured all PHP settings set to recommended levels ( 128M, 120 sec )

    I even spun up a new instance of a stock wordpress install with no plugins or themes or changes to the default configs, no joy.

    I uninstalled the Wordpress app from the iPad and reinstalled, no joy.

    I tried some other stock photos. I tried uploading with a custom size based on the original dimensions, which surprisingly worked! Specifically, stated the custom size based on the lower bounds of the original image ( 720x720 custom). Trying to specify limits on upper bounds throws the same parse error ( 960x960 custom )

    Image orientation doesn't seem to matter.

    Next steps?

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