issue when viewing site on IOS devices

  1. Hi guys,


    I'm noticing that my site loads fine on all mobile devices except Apple ones. As you scroll down the homepage the background turns into a dark grey colour - the text and everything is still fine, it's just the background colour that is not nice

    Please help

  2. Hi robbeans

    This forum is dedicated to the WordPress for iOS mobile app. We're really not the experts when it comes to things related to themes or how a website appears in the mobile Safari browser.

    You might try asking the folks over in the themes and templates support forum. They'll probably be able to lend a better assist than we can here.


  3. My website has one page that will not load on the iPhone. It used to load but now it wont. I get a message that says "a problem occurred with this website so it reloaded". Then it tries three times. then it says A problem repeatedly occurred on "". I called the tech that created the website, I created this one page, he hasn't found an issue. He suggested I delete a few images which I did and I also cleared my iPhone cache and tried to upload this one page. Still the same problem.

    Incidentally, this happened all Saturday but on Sunday for 1 try the page loaded.

    I'm looking for some help, please...

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