Is it possible to customize the login page?

  1. I cannot get my ipad app to log into my self hosted sites... I am assuming this is because I am using the plugin WPS Hide Login to change the url of my login page. Is there a way to customize the login url in the ios app? I can't find this anywhere...

  2. Hi Tina,

    Your suspicions will be correct - if you are using the WPS Hide Login to change the URL of your login page then the app is going to have trouble finding and locating that to connect with your self hosted site.

    Currently there is no way to customize the login URL in the iOS app to work around this. So to edit your site using your iPad's iOS App you will need to return your login page to its usual location.

    If you're continuing to experience login problems after this, we'd be happy to take a closer look and see what might be causing this issue. To better help you with this, please go to "Me > Help & Support" in the app and tap on "Contact us" so we can investigate it from there. Please make sure to include the address of your website in your message so that we can take a look and troubleshoot any connection problems.

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