Is it possible to convert a WordPress blog into an iPhone app?

  1. Most people list services such as WiziApp, and these are worth considering. If you ’re looking to have a simple app that can be downloaded from the App Store, these are decent. The problem is, they are not native apps. They are written in web language – HTML5, CSS, etc. – and this means they are little more than a mobile web app packaged up like an app (these are called hybrid apps).

    A native app is written in a language specifically for the platform it was intended. For iOS, that’s Objective-C, for Android its Java. When you create an app using only web technologies, you can sometimes save time and money but the end result will always be qualitatively inferior compared to native.

    If your budget allows it, then developing a custom designed native app is the best option, though it can cost you tens of thousands.
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