iPhone Crashes

  1. Hi,
    I recently opened up my first WP blog (hosted on WP)
    and wanted to use the iPhone app to post while on the go.
    I'm running iOS4.1 on a 4g and have just installed the latest WP app on it. I have never used any previous versions, but here are the two issues I'm having.

    the first was answered in another post. My posts from my phone have a later time stamp and are showing to publish at a later time in the day. (presumably when that later time finally comes around). Someone mentioned that the next app update would fix that bug.

    My second problem is that when I try to upload a pic from my phone the whole app crashes back to the iPhone home screen. It has happened at different times. twice in the middle of uploading the pic to my post, (after choosing the size I wanted) and twice it's crashed once I've selected the pic, but before it could ask me what size I want to upload. I haven't tried video, and I can upload pics from my laptop with no issues. Seems to only be when uploading from my phone.

    I forgot to mention that I can publish "text only" posts without it crashing.

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