iPhone app and Wordpress 2.8

  1. I have the latest Wordpress app on my iPhone with a Wordpress 2.6 blog configured. It works fine. However, when I add another blog (Wordpress 2.8), it says that XML-RPC is not enabled, where as I have enabled it in Writing Settings and have double checked it.

    Is this an issue with the app or Wordpress ?

  2. having the same problem and it looks like we are not the only ones. anyone find a solution for this yet?

  3. What's the URL for the blog with the error?

    The standard process for narrowing this down is to switch to the default theme and try connecting again. If that doesn't work disable your plugins and see if it works. At that point there should be no reason specific to WordPress that would keep it from working.

    If it does start working after all of the plugins are disabled enable each one, one at a time, to determine which plugin is causing the problem.

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