iphone app 3.1.3 synchronization: app overwrites newer entries with older?

  1. hello,

    i have a problem since a few weeks, since i installed version 3.1.3:

    when i update an article and save it, the synchronization starts automatically. but when i open the article again some time later, not the newer version is shown, but the older one. now it happened in some times that when i synced again (through wiping the list up), the newer article version was loaded then.

    but now the first time, my newer version seems to be simply lost.

    does anybody else know of this problem already, is it a known bug?
    or could you give any suggestions to me?

    thank you very much!

  2. I have the same problem (Version 3.1.4). If I start writing a post which synchronizes to the server (in this case my own hosted blog), then, whilst offline, if I update it, and say, change it from published to draft, or change the published date, then on the next sync, it reverts to the old version and deletes without a trace all of my new content! This has got me a few times now and it's very frustrating!

  3. Looking at the list of tickets, it might be being addressed in this ticket - I hope so :)

    It might help to not that I have two profiles set up on the same device, each with a seperate username, but for the same site. (two people sharing a device to publish to the same site under different usernames)

  4. also this ticket and perhaps this one are related?

  5. hey matt

    it seems to me that it's mostly ticket #939. in my case it was about changing existing articles without internet connection. when i got back online, the synchronisation destroyed by syncing first the online contents my new offline corrections. i changed my usage to avoid this and simply tried to not save updates on existing articles without connection. and this works fine for me. so, i don't know if the bug is already fixed or not...


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