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  1. Hello,

    I have an Iphone4 and I just downloaded wordpress app I have a problem adding the site.

    I have my wordpress directly installed into my website so I'm not sure how to add the site and what links I should add or which one of the 3 options I need to use in the app

    Please help


  2. Select the bottom button, then enter your blog URL, username and password!

  3. i'm having issues with my iphone app too, it accepts one of my sites but this one it keeps saying "bad username / password" although they are correct.. Any ideas? :-)

  4. Myself as well. I have a self hosted site and it tells me that my username/password are incorrect. I am able to log in online without any problems.

  5. what we will do??
    post via email?
    that sucks.

  6. Have you enabled xml-rpc in your blog's writing settings?

  7. of course :-)

  8. Mary, let us know if upgrading to WP for iOS v.2.6.3 doesn't fix your issues. It has numerous improvements in it, and it should also fix some XML-RPC and parser errors.

    You might have to delete and then reinstall the app to make this work. If it still doesn't, please let us know so we can look into this more thoroughly to pin down what the problem is.

  9. Hello Isaac,

    Thank you.

    I updated it, I did delete and re-install the app, now I get 'error 500' and error 503' as well as 'internal server error', although the post now does get through, with a delay. Also, the app doesn't load the old posts that are already on my blog. I'm hosting it on Yahoo.

    I have another blog hosted by bluehost, where I have no issues with, whatsoever, even before the update.

  10. I'll start looking into what differences in server setups could cause this, although it could potentially be an issue with the WordPress installation in itself. Feel free to get in touch with your hosting providers support if they provide any...

    Sorry about the trouble.

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