Ipad crashes when clicking page tab - Iphone doesnt!

  1. My ipad (running on iOS 3.2.2) still crashes when i press the pages tab.
    While running Wordpress for iOS 2.6.5

    Changed line 477 of the xmlrpc.php but it doesn't do the job.

    Meanwhile my iphone 3gs (running on iOS 4,1) with Wordpress for iOS 2.6.5 doesn't crash!


  2. Thanks for letting us know about this. I'll be sure to pass this along to those who work on the mobile app. Sorry for the trouble and thanks for your patience.

  3. I too encounter this crash, even after modifying line 477 of xmlrpc.php from:

    'blogid' => $blog_id,


    'blogid' => (string)$blog_id,

    iPad version 4.2.1
    WordPress for iOS version 2.6.5

  4. sorry to say that I've got the issue on my iphone, pages tab crashes the app

    have sent about 6 crash reports already

    fortunately, I only really use the posts tab in the app
    but that will probably change once I finally get my ipad

  5. @DJSParky - can you share your blog URL?

  6. I'm having the same problem. I'm trying to access

    I can see the blog posts in the app, but when I click to Pages, it crashes.

    Can you help? I have not tried to edit the xmlrpc.PHP, because I don't think I have access to it on this hosted blog.

    Let me know what else I need to provide...really need this to work!


  7. sorry for the delay

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