ios6 image glitch

  1. Hi,

    All pages under the work section of my website ( feature a long png. Often images stop loading before they are complete; other times they load and then sort of crash. (You have to have a look at a couple of the pages because it might seem to work fine at first.) I tried saving as jpg and reuploading but it didnt work.

    Any ideas?

    Only happening on ios6.

  2. This issue doesn't seem to be related to WordPress for iOS. I'd recommend you try posting on the WordPress Forums or a web master forum to get help with this question.

    From the little I know, I'd just recommend that you keep all files on your site less than 100-200kb (not just images), or else on slow connections your website will just "break" because the requests for said resources time out. Reduce the number of colors used in your file and reduce the complexity of it to generate smaller files. If you make it in just a few colors (less than 64) you may be able to save it as a PNG with a decent file size, otherwise you should really use a low-quality JPG.

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