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  1. Hello!

    I have two self-hosted (jetpack enabled) WP sites, and yesterday I downloaded and configured successfully the latest Wordpress app for iOS (latest iOS version, latest WP app version). My goal is that I would like to share from Safari/Safari view via the standard "activity" iOS panel to my WP sites in the form of posts, meaning I would like to see a short text and the URL of the site I shared.

    The sharing process works, I open up the website I want to share in Safari, I click on the share button at the bottom, I see the Wordpress icon there next to twitter, messages, etc., I tap the icon then I select which site I want to post to, and whether it should be draft or published. I tap post, and the post appears on my WP site, works like a charm.

    The only problem is that only the text is sent to the post, the link is missing. If I share via simplenote (or twitter, messenger, etc.), both the text and the URL are there.

    Am I missing something, is there an option where I can control whether the URL is also sent to the post, is this a bug, or is this the intended behavior?

    Thank you,

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