iOS app won’t upload media/post upload fails

  1. Hi,
    I’ve been having trouble for some time with the iOS app. I blog almost exclusively for my iPhone. In the app, I can type content, and it saves fine. Almost any time I attempt to add media, mostly photos/rarely video, the photos won’t save, which makes the whole post fail to update.

    I can use the browser, but the app is easier for typing and editing, and everything, so I’d prefer to use it and have it save my posts. Mostly what I end up doing is typing content in the app, and going on the web to add media, which is a pain. If I forget and try to add a photo on the app, then any changes I’ve made to that post won’t be saved, and I end up with failed updated posts on the app, even if I publish the post on the browser. I can’t delete the post on the app, or I lose it. But I don’t want failed posts clogging up my app either.

    This happens almost all of the time. I’d forget the app, but it really is much easier to work with in my situation.
    I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app, updated it, and it keeps happening. Occasionally it will upload a photo, which makes me try again, with similar frustrations.

  2. Hi there!

    Have you tried uploading the image from a different internet connection? For example, if you’re on WiFi switch to Data or try from a local coffee shop or library.

    And if your site is connected to the Jetpack plugin, it would also be helpful if you could try uploading the image directly from to see if you run into the same error there.

    If you're still having issues, could you please share with us a link to your site and, if possible, the app logs?

    You can access those by going to My Site and selecting the Profile icon on the upper right. Then, click on Help & Support > Application Log.

    When you have the logs open, tap the share button in the top right. You can copy and paste the logs in a reply here.

    If you prefer to keep the logs private, it's best to contact the app support directly via My Site > Me (your profile picture) > Help & Support > Contact Support.


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